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Stress Less

My Stress Less Workshop is a journey of self-discovery to living a more relaxed life.

Note that we are all different. Understanding how stress is created and becoming aware of what your unique stressors/triggers are, allows you to take control and minimise the effect stress can have on your life. I have tools to teach you and support you on your journey of self-discovery around stress. So come along and enjoy the process.

When we are aligned with who we are there is no judgement, no excuses, we can just be who we are in our own unique way. We can let our light shine and our journey becomes an adventure.

What if, when you become aware of your stressors, you just start to enjoy your life a little more, you take control and step right back into the driver’s seat.
How exciting is that?

When: Dates TBA
Where: On Zoom or in person.
The Program: Will consist of weekly or fortnightly 1 – 2 ½ hour sessions
Investment: TBA
Let’s chat! Book a free 30 minute Clarity Session.